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Software Updates

Once you buy your Volkswagen vechicle, the manufacturer will continue to release updates for the engine management systems that control modern vehicles.  This software which runs your car will be improved and tweaked to make adjustments to various engine functions.  


When you bring your car to us for a service, we can find out if your car is missing any software updates and arrange to include these in the service schedule.

Also, if we replace a faulty part, there may be a software update released that will help reduce or avoid that part failing in the future.

VW Green Garage is one of only a few independent dealers in London that has access to this software update service. So, whether you own a Volkswagen, an Audi, a Seat or a Skoda, we are able to find and install the most up-to-date software for your car.

We are also able to tweak or tune certain functions of the car by using customised adjustments to the software that you already have installed.  To read more about this please take a look at the Performance Tuning page.

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